Encouraging family to share housework

Encouraging family to share housework

Convincing your family to share the housework is one of life's greatest domestic challenges.

Asking your kids to do their chores instead of staring at their phones or blowing up stuff on computer games doesn't get easier with the years.

So, if caring and sharing also means sharing the housework, try these few ideas.

Time for talk

If you're worried that you're continually clearing up after everyone, sit down with the family and discuss your concerns. Don't assume everyone sees this as a problem in the same way you do.

Set goals

Try to set goals rather than rules, as this will likely give you a better outcome. These may relate to storing sports equipment or not leaving school bags in the hallway or on the kitchen floor. Listing these goals on the fridge or a kitchen whiteboard won't do any harm.

Declutter reset

Once everyone's on board, instigate a big declutter project. Why? Because putting stuff away is frustrating if you don't have anywhere to put it. Start your new regime by ensuring general storage areas, cupboards and toy boxes are not overflowing.  

Convincing kids

Turn decluttering into a game. Try a contest to see who can gather and match the most pairs of socks. Or try out Bingo. Give the kids a grid of tasks, which they have to cross off when completed. If you set a timer, the kids won't think you're destroying their lives!

Glory jars

You can have the kids drop a bead into a jar whenever they win declutter bingo or any other game you're prepared to organize. Give each child their own color of beads. Instilling a little competition can be fun and get great results.

Dedicate areas

If golf is popular in your household, ensure the clubs have a dedicated storage space. Don't tolerate tees and balls littering the home. The same discipline will work for soccer boots, vintage stamps, and vinyl records.

Press-button blues

How many remote controls do you have in your living room? Too many, I'd wager. And they'd be scattered all over the place, too. Prevent this by putting a bowl on the coffee table dedicated to holding all the remotes.

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